Sunday, April 28, 2013

Short note

Here's another short note on Lenora. She's still waiting for improvements in her eyesight. The pain in her leg is much the same. She is adjusting to needing other people to be her eyes, be it to see how much food she's taking at meal times, what she's typing into her iPod or computer, etc. this is why she doesn't communicate much via social media. In spite of this handicap, Lenora does take a walk outside every day since the weather has turned nice. Otherwise she's feeling alright. Seldom nauseous, she eats some every mealtime.
She does enjoy being home.

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  1. Well I just found out about this blog this afternoon and read the whole thing this evening. You've done a great job Justen. Your family is walking a very difficult road but the Hope you have is clear through your blog and I am sure also through your lives to all the medical professionals, fellow patients, friends and family. How good God is!! (I am from Roblin EMC, have worked with you at camp and with widows' suppers- if you don't remember me) I will also be praying with the many others who are.