Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday morning

Good morning, friends
   I talked with dad this morning and he says Lenora is looking a little brighter then last night, so thats good news :) He also mentioned they are putting in a 45cm long line up one of her veins. This will eliminate the needle in her arm and give them more control over the drugs they pump into her. She is responding well to the drugs.
   As I mentioned last night, the doctors took a bone marrow sample yesterday. We are expecting to get the results at noon today.
   Thank you again for praying, I know God has heard, is still hearing your prayers and is/will answer in His time not ours. We are continuing to trust Him for complete healing for Lenora.

I like the end of James 5:16 NASB says it this way, "....the effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much." We've seen that so clearly over the past few days in spite of it looking often as though God wasn't hearing our praying and pleading. God bless you all richly for caring.  until later today..


  1. Justen, we are praying for Lenora. Glad to hear she has improved. Praying for wisdom for the Doctors and continued improvement for your sister. Glad for this blog to read updates on her condition. May God carry your family through this difficult time! Colin and Jodie Frey (Dryden)