Tuesday, January 29, 2013

 Praise the Lord, surgery went well! The Doctor says it'll take 10 days for the final results to come back. The titanium plates they installed are strong enough so she doesn't need to wear a neck brace at all. I remember when Rus had his accident and needed to wear that neck brace until the MRI's and scans were done. Got terribly itchy with the constant pressure on his skin. In the back of my mind I was thinking Lenora might have to wear a brace of some sort to keep her neck in place while she was healing but this is much nicer. Lenora is feeling better and today she was able to enjoy company again. She did get tired quickly though.
   As far as numbness in her body, the surgery hasn't seemed to change the steady regaining of feeling. Lenora's eyes are brighter then before surgery but this does not mean she can see well yet. The one eye is still blurry while the other has the same dark spot it's had for a week or two now. Her smile is a little straighter, but not enough for the general observer to notice.
  This morning she was in a lot of pain and did not eat much. Lunch and supper were better though. I talked with her tonight but she got tired quite quickly. I'm praying she'll rest well this night and wake up feeling stronger!  

And to Lenora,
 Ne 8:10b ... do not sorrow; for the joy of the LORD is your strength! 

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