Friday, January 18, 2013

Thursday night

Well, Lenora has improved since morning. Many of you have read on facebook or text that Lenora has a tumor. As way of clarification, the doctors have NOT confirmed that it is a tumor. At the same time they are suspecting that as a possible cause for the numbness in a lot of her body. So don't go around saying she has cancer, however contradictory that may sound considering she's in Cancer Care. The doctors did a bone marrow sample today, and we're expecting to get the results back tomorrow sometime. I will keep you posted on that as I get word from Winnipeg.
   All of us siblings went back home this afternoon. The four of us still living at home arrived 11:30 pm and it was snowing. Beautiful snowflakes quickly covering the ground. I personally really enjoy the snow ;) not the cold as much but I can live with that. lol!
   The doctors lowered the oxygen pressure for Lenora this evening, are giving her a smaller dose of antibiotics, and changed the kind of antibiotic she is getting. Last I heard from Dad, Lenora is sleeping well! So thank-you again soo much for praying. I know God hears you and is answering, not in our time, but in His time. So, with that, I'll close this for tonight.


  1. We praise the Lord for answering prayer! We will continue to pray.

    1. We are thankful beyond words there's so many people praying for Lenora! That's the only reason she's doing so well!