Tuesday, January 29, 2013

No word from doctor yet

The doctor hasnt come to see Lenora yet after she's out of surgery. She was out at 6 last night, making 7 hrs in surgery so that wasn't near as bad as some of the other numbers we heard. No word from the doctors yet. Lenora is more sore this morning then last night. I guess once she sleeps, the surgeon feels free to stretch her shoulders and neck forward as much as he wants to so he can work without anything getting in the way. I'm assuming this is why she's sore instead of just in pain from the wound. She's under a lot of Morphine. They put her in a tiny room behind locked doors; infection prevention I'm guessing. Only 2 visitors allowed at a time so that's different then her previous room. I'll let you know more when I hear from mom and dad again.

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