Monday, January 28, 2013

She's now in OR

This morning while waiting to be wheeled into OR Lenora was really tired. She had a headache and Did throw up as well. Most likely because she wasn't allowed to eat anything for the past 12 hours. Possibly She may have been a bit nervous as well.
Lenora is now in OR. We won't be seeing her for at least 7 hours. It may be longer until we see her.
Below are several pictures of life at the hospital.
1st pic - What Lenora looks like whenever she thinks of Darlene not being with her.
2nd pic- Lenora as her cheerful self
3rd pic - reading a card while Londa does her best to hold! Imagine that ;)
4th pic - still reading card Londa made for her.
5th - still reading
6th - Lenora with her favoritest nurse ;). Who was going to put on more makeup for this picture but forgot this morning. Lenora told her even if she had 20 wrinkles all over her face she wouldn't need makeup because her character would make them all disappear!
7th - Mom, not sure what she's doing. Probably talking about one of all the bouquet's people send Lenora :)
8th - is Cindy and Lenora
9th - the bouquet she got from Darlene
10th - the tunnels that are designed for people to think they know where they're going but behind the security cameras personnel are laughing because their secret agenda is working! People getting lost left and right. Jk it's actually a fun place to kill time because its a real maze down there.


  1. It's on picture #4 where I have a concern about your mom. I think she may just have seen Lenora's MRI! :) LOL..

  2. thanx for adding some pictures!!! i like that!