Saturday, March 16, 2013


Dr James found out Lenora has gastritis, which is inflammation of the stomach lining. She dehydrated because she threw-up so much on Friday. To treat Lenora they are hydrating her through IV along with an antibiotic treatment to cure the gastritis. She is being confined to bed for 24 hrs.

She did eat a bit today again except for birthday cake which Mom saved in the refrigerator for her until she feels well enough to eat it.
Lenora has a little less movement in her face and her eyes are slightly more dilated then before, Otherwise there is no real noticeable setback from this bout with nausea. Mom said Lenora had the same symptoms now as she did back in Winnipeg leading up to the seizure and nausea she experienced there. Mom is definitely getting better at noticing symptoms and analyzing them based on what Lenora has already gone through!

The good news is that Dr James says Lenora may still be able to come home in a week, depending on how well she responds to this treatment.

Praise God for answering prayer! We serve a Living God!!

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