Sunday, March 24, 2013


Lenora is taking chelation treatments again but is off all other IV. Dr James scheduled an MRI for Monday. I'm curious, we all are, what that will reveal. Hopefully she won't even need radiation. I'll know better tomorrow. The way things look now, if she does need radiation it will be only a few treatments. The results this MRI reveals will play a large part in when Lenora will be released.

Lenora has been playing outdoor lawn games as it helps take her mind off the fact she is in a health Center and would love to be living normal life at home already.

She is eating well and generally feeling pretty good. She can do a fast walk already. The docs are impressed! Lenora does her own dressing, bathing & combing. Sounds like she should be able to start exercising on Monday which potentially will help her gain weight. Her exercising will involve mostly the treadmill & bicycle.
This eve she came to mom & asked if the leftover subway sandwiches from lunch were already wrapped. She wanted to help clean them up...feeling absolutely better, mom says.

So, thank-you for praying for her as she walks steadily towards health and wellness again. God is faithful to finish the work He has started in Lenora and in everyone who has been touched by her as she is going through this. Lets keep on praising Him!!


  1. Hello there, I am currently in the facility here in Mexiko with Lenora, we have been talking a bit and she told me about the Blog her brother runs for her, so I looked it up and have been reading through it yesterday night.
    I think it's a great idea of yours to keep people up to date with this and also for her to reread some things.
    As for her progress I can't say that much (have only been here 4 days) but she is doing great, talking to people, getting around the facility and just being a fun person!

  2. Thanks for the inside perspective!