Thursday, March 7, 2013

Neck lump

Not much has changed down in Mexico other then, as of before lunch today Lenora claimed to having heard more cop sirens since she came to Mexico then the rest of her life combined! Interesting! Also, the MRI Lenora had yesterday revealed the lump in her neck has shrivelled up to look like an empty balloon! Praise The Lord!! God does hear and answer prayer!! And no I have not yet heard what her diagnosis is. We are expecting continued healing. God is good! Hopefully I'll have more tonight.


  1. I think she must be undiagnosticable! :) :(

  2. I'm afraid you might be right. :( These doctors have been trying to get my records, but the doctors back home aren't all that eager to send them :( so please pray that the docs would send the records ASAP!