Sunday, March 3, 2013


   I listened to Mom tell stories for about a half hour tonight. One of the things she mentioned is, doctor James admitted this case is a tough one.
  I thought Lenora's balance was alright yesterday and the day before yesterday but according to Mom her balance has improved quite a lot. Sounds like even Grandpa is impressed with how much Lenora has improved since she came there!
   Mom said they have some interesting foot spa with a kind of mineral water that changes color depending on what part of her body is releasing toxins. These toxins are released through her feet. Apparently her body is loaded with them.
  Lenora has been able to enjoy all the food they've served there so far. She's not taking any anti-nausea or anti-seizure stuff.
   Mom has lots of stories to tell about how much they're enjoying their stay there. I'm beginning to wonder if they may just end up not coming home!
   Lenora spent several hours outside in the warm afternoon sun today. In the sun its t-shirt kind of weather but in the shade a hoodie is comfortable.

   Please keep praying for Lenora and for the doctors as they study her case. Thank you for your prayer support!!

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