Monday, February 11, 2013

Doing well

Sunday Lenora had a good day. She had enough visitors but not that she grew overly tired.
She's feeling quite well actually. Well enough to begin feeling discouraged at times because she's still flat in bed. She's getting more ideas like having one of us push her bed out to the lounge so she can be 'out' for a while. I don't blame her. What else would you use all that 'think time' for then to come up with little schemes!
She can't smile at all which is hard on her. I miss her smile too. At the same time she takes it as well as is to be expected.
Below is a pic of the '7 stitches and haircut'
Lenora told me today she wishes there was a way to repay everyone who's praying for her. The healing that's happened is because of your prayers. May God bless you!

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  1. Hey Justen, it doesn't look like I need to send you any pictures --- yours are better than mine anyway! :)