Monday, February 18, 2013

Making music

   On yesterday, Lenora felt quite rough. She took anti-nausea meds to calm her stomach. She did feel good enough for a short while, long enough for her to play most of a song on a violin one of her cousins brought. The first time she's played in at least 4 weeks! Thanks, Waldo!
   She can twitch the one side of her mouth a bit when she tries smiling but otherwise her face is not responding yet.
Today she's feeling a little better. Well enough to sit up and eat. She hasn't really felt that nauseous today. Really happy for that!
Below is the picture of Lenora on Sunday.

   She really needs to be able to keep food down so her body can regain strength. We're still waiting for a diagnosis for what's causing the inflammation in her spine and brain tissue. Thank you for providing prayer support for us as a family through this whole ordeal!! It means more then we can express! Wishing you God's richest blessings!

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  1. Good to see Lenora's improvements! So good to see her holding a violin and playing!!! Keep being a blessing to the doctors and nurses. God is good not matter what circumstances He's places us in!
    Blessings!! I'm praying!!