Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Muscle biopsy

Lenora is scheduled to have a Muscle Biopsy done on her hip tomorrow morning. A small surgery according to the doctor. The biopsy they did on her neck didn't reveal anything other then there's inflammation in her spine. Hopefully this muscle biopsy holds a clue.
She had a significant bowel movement today. That is an answer to prayer!
She sat up by herself. Then, with a walker , she walked down the hall to the double doors and halfway back. So it's not that she can't move around. Only she has no energy to grow strong again as long as she can't process the food she eats. .
It was yesterday evening she began feeling nauseous and throughout today she kept throwing up.
Something is obviously still not right.
God Almighty is the only One at this point who knows exactly what is wrong with Lenora.
Pray for God to reveal to the doctors what the core problem is so they can do what needs to be done to get Lenora back up and running!

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