Saturday, February 2, 2013

Update 25

I profusely apologize for the flavourless title (Becky N)

Lenora walked for the first time yesterday after her surgery. And is expecting to walk some more today.
She doesn't really have headaches but her shoulder and the incision site are pretty sore.
She's got virtually no appetite at meal times.
In talking with Lenora about how she's feeling, she shared how she'd thought she would feel God really near her in the hospital. Although it hasn't been exactly like she thought she does recognize Him in the fact that she has not grown bitter about her situation. She is finding it pretty easy talking to the nurses and Doctors about what God is doing in her present condition.
So grateful God knows her greatest needs spiritually and is filling them. She's at peace with God and is taking one day at a time.
Lenora asked me to send out a thank you for all the cards, flowers and other gifts she has received! But a specific thank-you goes to those of you who have come to sing for her. That is definitely a highlight!!


  1. I guess you must have changed the title because i don't see Becky N.. :)

  2. Thank you for the updates! I was behind on reading them, so it is good to hear the present "scoop". She has been going through so much! I love her testimony in the midst. Praying her eye sight is restored soon! Jodie