Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Moved out of Step-down

Sometime this afternoon, Lenora says to Mom "look at my right cheek. It's got a slight tingling. Sure enough, there was a slight movement when she tried to smile.
Her vision has improved slightly! For those of you who've been there in the step-down, she was able to read the time on the clock hanging by the nurses desk!
Also, Lenora had enough of a bowel movement today that it's worth talking about! Your prayers are being answered. Thank-you, Jesus, for hearing and answering, in your time!! Hopefully she'll keep improving quickly!
Her eyes are noticeably brighter then they were this morning. They seem to get brighter right after a bowel movement. This may be coincidental or not, I don't know for sure.
Lenora sat in a chair to eat supper. She ate half of the food they brought her which is more then she's eaten in a long time! She hasn't brought it back up yet! :)
I am surprised at how little pain she's got following surgery on Saturday when they installed a 'shunt' To drain the fluid collecting in her spine and head. This fluid built up pressure which is believed to have caused the headaches and what I'll refer to as the 'seizure' she had just before they moved her into the step down the second time. She took only a regular Tylenol at 2:00. The first since midnight. Tells me she doesn't have that much pain now!
The physio-therapist had her stand and take a few unassisted steps today. She can feel the stomach incision when she stands but otherwise, like I mentioned earlier, she's got very little pain at the moment. Hopefully it stays that way! Her headaches are gone!! Another answered prayer! This is strange for her! She hardly remembers the last time she wasn't suffering from headaches.
They took a blood test yesterday and were hoping the results would come back in a few hours. Instead the samples got sent to Ontario for more advanced testing.
Thank-you for remembering Lenora and the rest of is in your prayers. I mentioned earlier today that Lenora was discouraged and having a hard go at remaining positive. That changed this afternoon sometime! So, thank-you especially for praying for her in that way!! May God bless you!

P.S. she's back in the inpatient ward so the 'scented flowers and gifts' ban has been lifted!

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  1. so,so good to hear she's doing better! i hope and pray it continues! thanx for keeping us posted...