Thursday, February 7, 2013

Good news!!

Lenora had a miserable day; that is, until 9 this evening when her bowels moved a little bit. Then an hour later there was more movement and she began feeling a lot better. They did move her into the Step-down ward this afternoon around 3:00, when she was at her worst. It looks like she's on the mend again. We're so happy to see that! Thank you, Jesus!! And thank-you everyone for praying! Also, a HUGE thank you to all the doctors and nurses who have spent their time and energy on Lenora!! May God bless you abundantly!!
The nurses were going to remove her staples yesterday but since she felt so awful, they waited. Because even as much as moving her head made Lenora throw up, the nurses timed the stitch removal so her drugs were fully effective when they removed her staples. That seemed to work ok. That's my two pieces of good news!!

Here's the bad (if you want to label it that. ;-)

If you are planning to go see Lenora you will want to make sure to come so you don't interfere with 'nap time'. There's no visitors allowed from 2 - 4 pm. These 2 hours are set aside for the patients to rest. Also, the ward Lenora is in right now doesn't allow any flower bouquets; because of scent as well as no room to put stuff. Sorry about that :( Please respect this until further notice, thank-you.

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