Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Little/big improvement

   Today was a good day for Lenora. She did very well in physio therapy. The therapist had her try to stand up from a sitting position in a chair. Lenora stood up without using her hands! You may not think there's much to it but it takes quite a bit of strength and balance to do that when you've been mostly immobile for 5 weeks! She can walk from her bed to the bathroom without using a walker. Hopefully it won't take long and she will walk out of those hospital doors without a walker!! The plan for tomorrow is to do physio-therapy in the physio-therapy department. Guess we'll see how that goes.
  Lenora is still using medication to help keep her nausea under control. She has felt anywhere between ok and good over the past few days. Thank-you so much for praying. There have been days over the past week during which she felt very uncomfortable even with the medication. Be assured your prayers are making the difference.
  As far as feeling in her face goes, Lenora can smile just enough to reveal Her teeth. Her eyesight has improved a bit over the last few days as well. 
  Other then her sides hurting like she ran too much, which is probably a result of the muscle biopsy, Lenora is basically pain free! Praise the Lord!!

  Please continue praying:
  -her eyes will keep improving!
  -her nausea will go away completely!
  -the muscle biopsy will show all it is supposed to show.
  -for a diagnosis.
  -ultimately for complete healing!

God bless you for all you've done for us as a family over the past 5 weeks. The little things to you have been the not so little things to us! It's meant the world to us because we felt the heart behind the deed!

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